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This is a wiki for learning the various skills that make a great data scientist.

There are lots of online courses relevant to "big data". Here are some:


One of the first questions we can ask is: What, exactly, IS Big Data

Another area of interest to many companies is Time Series Analysis

Road to becoming a data scientist[edit]

We start with "road to a data scientist" by Swami Chandrasekaran


Topics here include areas that are more directly related to the programming side of data science.

Machine Learning[edit]

Add specific sections in the future - for now, some useful resources:

Coursera Machine Learning Lecture Notes

Text Mining/NLP[edit]


Big Data[edit]

Data Ingestion[edit]

Data Munging[edit]


MapReduce - originally the name for a proprietary implementation, now used more widely, especially in Hadoop

Hadoop in Python


Oracle Coherenece - An Oracle distributed Hash Map

Message Passing Interface - started in the early 90s, a way to program for parallel computers.

Julia - A high performance, open-source scientific programming language that uses a Just In Time compiler. The syntax is very Matlab-like.